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Chat box, Syira’s play, and a new resolution.

 So the chat box that you see on the right isn’t really a tag board.. unfortunately WordPress hasn’t gone that far yet. This meebo thingy, meanwhile, lets you send private messages to me. The upside: if you don’t already have me on any of the instant messaging platforms, we can chat here. The downside: nobody else can see what you say. Which can be a good thing, depending which way you look at it.


Anyway, I went to see Syira’s play yesterday. She was good! She was really good, actually, I believe she stole the show… not that I’m biased or anything. It was a Bangsawan play, of the traditional sort, so imagine lots of songket, kebayas, sultans and puteri ayus. The play itself is pretty straight forward, and in this kind of play I figure the more stereotypical the character, the better. Syira was the villain, of the really evil, bitchy sort, and she did it extremely well. Twice, the woman sitting in front of us (who I later found out was the registrar of the school) turned to my mother and said, “Jahatnya anak you! She’s so evil, your daughter!”

So it was a competition thingy between the four houses of the school. Syira’s play went something like this:

–  A bunch of fairies come down to earth to play and relax, but one of them lost her magic shawl, so she can’t fly back up to the sky. The other fairies left without her. This one, stranded on earth, called herself Melur.  Melur meets a simple guy, the Laksamana, who is handsome enough, and they fall in love and marry.

– Meanwhile, the Sultan’s son, Tengku somebody, finds the magic shawl, falls in love with it and longs to find the owner. Narimah Sari, Syira’s character, (the evil bitchy villain) is in love with the Tengku. When the Tengku finds out the shawl belongs to Melur, he wants to marry her, and goes to his daddy the Sultan to make this happen.

– The Sultan, after his son threatened to commit suicide if he doesn’t get the girl, reluctantly orders his Laksamana (admiral) to divorce his wife so that the Tengku can marry her.  The loyal Laksamana does so.

– And this is where Syira does the Evil Face really well. Narimah Sari, knowing that her Tengku is in love with Melur, goes to Laksamana, and convinces him to kill Melur, instead of giving her to another man.

– He believes Narimah Sari, and goes to kill Melur. However, at the last second, he changes his mind, but the Tengku already saw him with the kris. A fight ensues. Complete with silat moves and backflips. Laksamana and Melur end up dead, tragically, like Romeo and Juliet.

– Tengku ends up crying next to the dead bodies. In walks Narimah Sari — shocked! of course! — and she sits next to Tengku to console him. The villain got what she wanted. Her face at the end was evil and satisfied. Evil I tell you, evil!


My parents and I left after the second house performed, because we were all hungry and it was a long drive back. In the end, Syira’s house didn’t win, and we all thought she was robbed of the Best Supporting Actress award. Nevertheless she was happy we came and we’re all very proud of her.

Pictures are in Syira’s camera, I dunno when she will upload them or if she even wants to… she’s kinda in full makeup and a yellow kebaya. She also had to re-colour her hair black — goodbye, Eric’s expensive colouring job.


On the way home, my mom and I were recapping all those times when we went to see Syira perform. She’s always been the performing sort, my sister. From kindergarten concerts to school productions to that one historical play at Istana Budaya (which we both auditioned for, and I didn’t get, and that was the end of my acting career). Apparently my mom was the performing sort too, and she’s glad one of us got that gene at least.

Me I’m more of a behind-the-scenes person. I wrote school plays, poetry for choral reading, that kind of stuff.

Can’t act for nuts. 😀


Today I went to Midvalley to do some shopping, because I’m feeling a bit.. uhmm.. how do you say it.. fat.  I went to buy new goggles (because I read that swimming is a good way to lose weight), new swim shorts (because I lost mine) and a few work out dvd’s, including an introduction to yoga (because I read that Madonna does yoga and she has good arms). All this, of course, after a huge lunch at Madam Kwan’s. Siiigh. Diet tomorrow lah, like this.


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Return of the Nadster.


*peeks around*


I thought it was high time I opened this poor neglected blog, which I signed up for in a hurry and never got around to updating. So yeah hi. I mean… let’s try that with a little more oomph, shall we?



My gawd it’s been a while, hasn’t it.

Did you miss me?

Actually, don’t answer that. I know you did, dahling. When my old blog mysteriously disappeared, you painstakingly typed and re-typed the URL into your little Firefox browser, cursing Streamyx and restarting the router every time that damned ‘Page Not Found’ screen shows up instead of me. I know you checked. I know you googled every variation of my name, letting out a little sigh of frustration, kinda like, haih, every time the Nutty/Nadia blog that you found was a different Nutty/Nadia, and in your head you asked Where is Nutty,goddamnit where is she? Has she forsaken her loyal stalkers? Has she — oh dear gawd no — stopped writing forever? How will we survive the cold winter? And why, why, WHYYY does she have such a common name, with more than a gazillion google hits leading to more than a gazillion Nutty/Nadias, WHYYYY??

Heh. Heheh.

Truth is, I have not forgotten you. Really. I’ve just had… other things to do.

But now I am back, dahlings, after what you would call a hiatus (or for the more pottymouthed of you lot, a bloody long ass hiatus) and it feels a bit weird, kinda… it feels like going to your high school reunion. Everyone and everything looks vaguely familiar, and you know you shared the same experience once upon a time. You sat at the desk and scribbled graffiti and poisoned your desk mate to ponteng class together, and then in a blink it’s suddenly 10 years later and the jock you had a crush on is a pot-bellied drunk and the prom queen (gawd you hate her) is still the most beautiful girl in school. And her entourage, the Stepford Sisters, are now staring at you expectedly and you’ve got a maximum of five seconds to come up with a one-sentence answer for ‘So what do you do’ but you can’t say what you really do because you’ve got to impress them, you’ve got to wow them, somehow.

And then as you’re thinking of how to describe ‘Unemployed’ in the most interesting manner possible, out comes something completely stupid like “I’m currently contributing to the nation’s economy by spurring maximum expenditure with minimum capital investment on my part.”

Like, dude. I don’t even know what I just said.

But anyhoo. Now that I’m here, I’m sure y’all wouldn’t mind some rambling. Right? Right. So. Say it with me, all together now…


Oh but first, some things about this here “new” blog.
It’s Kinda Nutty, version 5

– I realize the blog looks kinda bare right now. Bear with me (eheh eheh… “bare”). I plan to add more stuff as I get more rajin along the way.

– When the usual characters come up in the blog I might be using their real names from now, because other people have been calling them by their blog nicknames and confusing the hell out of me. They’d ask How’s Tallie? And I’m like who’s Tallie. OH, Sybille! Her name is Sybille.

– If you are reading up to here I assume you already know me in some way, or else you’ve been stalking me for some time. I am quite tired of getting “Eh, what happened to your blog?!” (Why, I’m fine thank you how are you) so you are welcome to share the URL with whoever else that’s been asking.

– You are also welcome to send gifts, shiny things and monetary donations to me, and I will love you forever.

– Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the ride (eheh eheh… “ride”) and let’s all let out a big yeehaw as we get on to the updates. (Well finally, Nadia, we’ve been waiting for ages.)




    Updatation 1: On [m]academia.

I suppose you could say that the reason I haven’t been blogging is because of uni. Or rather, because of the gazillion assignments that I let pile up until the last possible minute. In what is supposed to be the three weeks of my final semester for my undergraduate degree, I had six subjects I vaguely remember signing up for, and eight major projects to wade through, and that time period now officially qualifies as The Worst Time of My Life, Ever. I couldn’t even breathe in between assignments; I finished one, gave a little sigh of relief and immediately had to start another. Sleeping, eating and personal hygiene became optional breaks from being hunched over my computer, only to be taken if the said option takes less than half an hour, and of course second to smoking (which takes only 5 mins) by order of importance. By the final assignment, I had managed to completely piss off my friends (especially Sybille, I think, because she had to take over cleaning the apartment) and I was also worrifying (yes that’s a word) my mom, because I was calling her every other day in tears.

Of course I brought it upon myself, but at the time, I had the utter desperation of someone who had Fucked Up Completely, and I really didn’t think I’d get through. I probably wouldn’t have, without the wonderful people I now have the good fortune to call my friends.

But now, when I tell people it was the Worst Time of My Life, Ever, and I got through eight projects in approximately 21 days, they say: Dude. Tak jadi gila ke? (Wouldn’t you go crazy?)

And I am secretly proud that I didn’t go gila, and I pulled through, and once again I reaffirmed my status as the Champion Last Minute Worker.

Eight assignments!!

Champion, man.

But never again. Never, ever again. It’s not good for my health, this last minute stress thing.

And after I finished the assignments, (I’m gonna go completely cliché here) I breathed a huge sigh of relief and felt an enormous weight lift off my shoulders. I think I screamed and jumped around in my apartment a little bit (by that time Sybille had already left for Holland). And then I cleaned house, packed up, flew home, and never ever wanted to see an empty Word screen again.

It’s been two months, and I’ve been in Malaysia, thoroughly enjoying my holiday.

Before you ask whether I’m finished with my undergraduate degree or not, the answer is I dunno. I’ve passed five of the six subjects I was enrolled in, and the other is still Withheld. After hounding the Faculty, the School, and the Lecturer for an answer, I was told “not to stress too much about it” and that I will get it definitely before the new term starts. It is out of my hands. And so.. we wait.

Of course, when you half-ass all semester and do everything at the last minute, you don’t expect your results to be great. My best subject this semester was a H2B, and that was for the artsy fartsy subject I hated and had major mental block trying to complete. My mom said: Dalam tak suka tak suka, tak pergi class, assignment last minute tu you can get a B?! Imagine if you’d applied yourself all semester.

I told her, Ya lah. Actually, didn’t you know, I’ve got brains lah.

Ya lahhh, she said. If you used your brains a bit more maybe you wouldn’t underachieve.

Hmm. You know, that makes sense.

Anyway. I’m hoping this last subject, the Withheld one, will be a Pass at least. Because it will totally screw up my plans for the year if it’s a Fail.

    Updatation 2: On holiday.

So I’ve been on holiday for two months. I briefly entertained the idea of searching for gainful employment, but that idea evaporated as quickly as it took me to open up World of Warcraft again. In case you wanted to know (and even if you didn’t) I’ve been busy leveling up another character, a girl character, and she is a kick-ass gnome mage named Ditsy. The upside of having a character named Ditsy is that people don’t judge you too much if you say something stupid — “Go left! Troll on your left! I mean your other left! Right! Your right!” — and you’re always forgiven if you aggro the whole damn dungeon because you walked too close to the boss.

/end geek talk.

I also spent a week in the Netherlands, staying with Sybille and her family, and after that I went to London with my family. It was a damn good time, but that’s a story for another entry, and an entry for another day.

Besides computer games, I’ve been eating a lot — a lot — and steadily gaining back all the weight I lost while playing the part of the penniless student living away from home and hopelessly can’t cook. I come home and it’s eat eat sleep eat. I wake up and it’s hello tummy, welcome back, I missed you.

Well. You know. Can’t complain.

Life’s good.

    Updatation 3: What now?

Hmm. Now?

Now I have to go. My sister Syira, also known as Middle Child Who Constantly Complains of Being the Black Sheep, also known as Drama Queen, is in a play at her school tonight. We have to leave soon because of course her school is hours away and of course we have to be there early, or we’ll never hear the end of it.

Let me just figure out how to put in a tagboard by the side there, and then we’ll get this blog rolling.

So. Y’all be good now. Toodles!

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