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Tiny update.

G’day, mateys.

Since my last whiny post I have eaten lots of chocolate (big smiles), discovered that my pair of Black Sexy Jeans are a bit looser around the waist (bigger smiles), and I also went to uni to confirm my attendance at the graduation ceremony this Saturday. So, am not whiny anymore, but happy and relatively skinny.


I don’t actually have time to be lounging around and blogging, so I’ll do this entry in point form, kay?

I’m graduating this Saturday!


My mom, stepdad and Midget are coming to Melburn tomorrow!



I think that’s all the big news I have. I can’t think of anything else. How bout some small news?

I had a good good steak meal yesterday. It was a massive piece of cow, with pepper sauce, and home-made potato wedges, and salad. Mmm.

A certain photography major has been taking portraits of me in varying light settings. It is a bit weird looking back at the photos because it’s like, WHOA man, who is that rawkstar in those amazing black-and-white pictures of varying light settings?

‘Tis me, teehehehehe.

Did I tell you… I’m graduating on Saturday?!!


Also, I had a phone interview last week with a toy company. I will hear back this week and if all goes well I can call myself a Game Consultant. Teehehehee. Basically that means showing people how to play games and getting paid for it, teehehehe.

Why am I teeheeing so much. Maybe a chocolate overload.

Uhmm that’s all now I have to go, kthxbye.


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