This blog is maintained by Nadia, also sometimes known as Nutty, and as both are totally common names it is perhaps not that uncommon to confuse this Nadia with other Nadias, nutty or otherwise.

This Nadia, however, the Nadia whose blog you are currently reading, has been a regular blogger for some years now, usually under the monicker Nutty, because she thought it was highly original at the time. When it occurs to her to introduce herself on new blogs, she usually writes something like this:

Nadia is a 21-year-old media and creative writing undergrad from Malaysia currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. Mostly she likes to eat, drink coffee, smoke and sleep, and occasionally, when she has to move, she plays guitar, World of Warcraft, and other equally unproductive things. She is also a certified Facebook Music Genius and arranges her playlist specifically to impress you.

But this introduction, sadly, will not work for this WordPress version of It’s Kinda Nutty.

Because, first of all, Nadia is not 21 anymore. She is 22.

Oh, the horror!

And secondly, Nadia might not — pending one result — be an undergrad anymore.

Oh, double the horror!

The rest, however, holds true. She still, mostly, eats (way too much), drinks coffee (way too much), smokes (way too much), and sleeps (not enough). Also has a rather unhealthy penchant for writing/thinking about herself in the third person.


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